Wednesday, November 5

Dead Truck

It's a three-day drive from Kentucky to Mass, where our next race is being held. While we were in KY (I love calling it that), a snow storm hit the New England area. We enjoyed 70-degree weather, but saw some aftermath of the storm.

Late Thursday the truck started to overheat, which is odd when you're coasting downhill and it's 25 degrees out. And the truck's new. So we stopped and checked the fluids. There was no anti-freeze in the tank, I guess that would lead to all the idiot lights flashing. We filled it back up, drove the 10 miles to our scheduled stop, and hit the hay. The next morning, we found the fluid level down again, and once we turned on the motor HUGE white clouds were billowing out the tailpipe. We drove it straight to the dealer, where they told us it would take at least 10 days to fix the radiator, EGR (whatever that is), and do some regualr maintenance. This is not good news when you are one day and three states away from your next race!!

We left the truck with the dealer, stashed the trailer at a local RV dealer with some extra space in his lot, and rented a cargo van to haul our bikes and stuff up to Northampton. Bye bye New York, and thanks for nothing!

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