Tuesday, October 21

The Plan

Welcome to the first post of our blog! JoJo and I will try to keep this updated as often as possible so it's easy to follow our exploits.

A while back, I had a thought: We race every weekend (usually both days) during the 'Cross season, with CCCX, BASP, Surf City, Livermore, and some Sacto races thrown in there. We're pretty busy racing during the winter in California. But when it's time to go to Nationals, we get killed because of poor call-ups and a lack of high-end conditioning. So I thought we should race every weekend, but go to the races that matter: UCI cross events.

Since these are clustered on the East Coast, that meant moving out East. So I started planning a move to New England for the Winter. I was planning it out as early as July: I would move to Northampton, MA, drive to all the races, and campaign the UCI cross circuit.

JoJo decided she had enough of her job, so she quit and signed up too. Here we go!


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