Tuesday, October 21

Big Truck!

So once we decided to head out East, we needed a place to stay and a way to get there. I had always assumed we would go the traditional way: fly out, live in an apartment, drive to each race from one base of operations.

Lo and behold, another plan has presented itself to us: DRIVE across the country, and stay in an RV at each race. We worked out the options and price differences, and the RV method was more cost-effective! Soooooo, we went shopping:

That's a big truck! F450 from Ford will pull yer house down. Don't ask about the gas mileage.

We're gonna use that huge thing to pull our new 40ft toy-hauler (pics coming soon). Because the truck and trailer are so big, we need to upgrade our driver's licenses... Class A License required from this point forward.

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