Tuesday, October 21

Hitting the Road

We left California Oct 1. We traveled through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachuesetts to arrive in time for the race in Gloucester, MA. Ten days in the car was pretty rough, but here's a hodge-podge of images from our trip for you to peruse:

Just to prove that we made it to the East Coast.

This is singletrack for road bikes. The rumble strip on my left is very rough to ride on, while the gravel to my left drops off sharply. I was dreading having to ride for 70 miles on this 18" wide strip of asphalt, until I realized that there were no cars for 20 miles in either direction. We rode the center line for over an hour after that.

Big rocks in Utah. Note the brake smoke from the truck ahead.

MTBing in Fruita. Pretty awesome.

Our life in the car. For ten days straight.

Niagara Falls are behind us. I've never seen them before, and they were impressive! We rode through 40 miles of pretty countryside (block headwind) to get there.


ginmtb said...

Wow very cool - good luck to you two. I will be checking this site out regularly to live vicariously through you. I've just started dabbling in CX and am enjoying it. The fifth wheel looks two words - suh weet!

SGK said...

Looks like a great trip out. I miss the Colorful Colorado sign. I've been following your results. You both have had strong races. Keep it up and the rubber side down.