Tuesday, October 28

A Couple Wins, The We Hit The Road

After Vegas, JoJo was feeling under the weather, so I ventured solo around NorCal to get some races under my belt. The first few races of the season always hurt way too much, so it's better just to get them out of the way.

I attended the Lion of Fairfax race, which was a benefit for the school that hosted the event. I did the race last year, and figured it would be good to go help them out again. Plus, they have a nice prize list. Last year, I was not-so-thrilled about the course, but this year they made some subtle improvements that really made it a lot safer and more fun to race.

I drove up with my teammate Justin Robinson, and we lined up for the first race of the morning. JRob, Josh Snead, and myself showed ourselves out the front door, and never looked back. At four laps to go I pounced and tried to ride away solo, Justin got to sit on Josh for a bit and relax. The course wound back on itself a few times, so you could keep track of where others were behind you... On the last lap, all of a sudden Justin wasn't there anymore, and it was just Josh riding by himself. I thought that some calamity had struck, but actually Justin just turned on the rocket boosters and killed a whole lap. I was starting to worry that he would catch me, he was going so fast! I dug in for a half lap and cruised across the line for my first win of the season, Big And Burly hot on my heels. We did the whole podium thing, but had to split straight away since Justin had kid duty in the afternoon and I had to go check out fire engines and AstroJumps at my nephew's 3rd birthday party.

The next morning, I was up and out the door to make it to the Central Coast CX race in Ft. Ord. Now this is more like it: local race, killer course, close to home. Nice! The race yesterday was great, but it still was 5 hours in the car vs. 1 hour of racing... Not much sense to that!

I've raced the Ft Ord courses so many times that I know every turn. I put it in cruise control and bided my time to attack the hill like crazy. Finally the elastic broke and I soloed in for the win. The form is coming around, and I'm glad to be riding strong all the way until the end of the race.

The day after we started our drive to the East Coast. Next up, I'll get some race reports in about races more recent than last month.

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